Pincoins at Pin Up Casino in Canada

Loyalty programs show players that the casino values its players. It’s a nice bonus system with better conditions and rewards. Pincoins Pin Up is a loyalty program where you earn and exchange Pincoins (PNC) for real money.

How Do Pincoins From Pin Up Work?

So, what exactly is Pincoins? It’s a point-based loyalty program created by the Pin Up team where users complete simple tasks and get points (Pincoins or PNC). You can accumulate Pincoins and boost your level. The higher the player level, the better the rewards: exchange rate and the wagering requirement.

What are benefits of Pincoins?

Registered players get these benefits:

  • fun activity;
  • fast-level accumulation at the beginning;
  • additional rewards;
  • plenty of tasks.

Proceed reading the article to learn information on the levels and tasks of this program. 

Loyalty Program Levels for Canadian Gamblers

There are nine levels: Newbie, Amateur, Experienced, Expert, Master, Thrill Seeker, Fortune’s Favorite, Good Luck Catcher, and Gambling Lord. Each level requires more Pincoins to reach, starting from 199 for Newbie and going up to 24,999 for Gambling Lord.

The main difference between these levels is the exchange rate and the wagering requirement. As you increase the levels, the exchange rate improves, meaning you get more value for your Pincoins. For example, Newbie has a rate of 600:1, while Gambling Lord has 120:1. The higher your level, the better the rate you can exchange Pincoins for rewards.

Wagering requirements also change. Levels 1 through 5 have a requirement of 60. Thus, you need to wager your rewards 60 times before you can withdraw them. 

Check out this table to better understand the Pincoins requirements for each level, what you get, etc:

Level NamePincoins requiredWagering requirement
6Thrill Seeker999950
7Fortune’s Favorite1499950
8Good Luck Catcher1999950
9Gambling Lord2499940

You’ll complete some tasks naturally throughout the day. As a result, you’ll keep accumulating more Pincoin points, increasing your player level. 

As a result, you get all the goodies without lifting the finder. Of course, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to get there, but Rome wasn’t built in one day either. 

How to Earn Pincoins

Earning points at Pin Up is easy, especially at the lower levels. You can play favorite slots daily and get PNC without much effort. The most popular options include gambling for real money and playing favorite slots. 

Getting Pincoins for Completing Simple Tasks 

These are all ways to earn PNC:

  • ply for real money for the very first time — 150;
  • play slots for money — 10;
  • complete your profile — 50;
  • email address confirmation — 55;
  • verify account — 50;
  • gift box opening — depends on luck (doesn’t count for increasing level);
  • play five different slots — 30.

Note: some tasks are one-time opportunity options, while others are available daily. For example, play five favorite slots daily to get 30 x 7 = 210 in a week. 

First Pincoins: 3 Simple Steps to Get Them

Do you remember that notification asking you to verify your email address after registering at Pin Up? Well, this action has more benefits than you expect, one being additional Pincoins. Yes, you get PNC to verify your email address. So, don’t forget to confirm it. Let’s break down the tasks that you can do after registration and what you earn for doing them:

  • confirm email — 55 PNC;
  • verify your account (ID confirmation) — 50 PNC;
  • complete your profile — 50 PNC.

You get 155 Pincoins just for doing these simple tasks. Thus, don’t hesitate to complete them to get closer to the Newbie level. 

Exchange Pincoins Rate at Pin Up Casino

Once you believe that you’ve earned a high enough player rank, go to your personal profile. A Pincoins rank at the top shows how much you need to earn to get to the next level. You can also exchange your PNC for real money. 

Exchange rate 

Mind the exchange rate, as it affects how much real money you get:

Thrill Seeker300:1
Fortune’s Favorite240:1
Good Luck Catcher180:1
Gambling Lord120:1

Therefore, it’s best to wait until you are at least a Master. 

What Are the Terms of Use of PNC?

The exchange rate improves as you earn more Pincoins and reach higher levels. For example, at the Newbie level, the rate is 600:1. At the highest level, Gambling Lord, it’s 120:1. This means you get more value at higher levels.

Wagering requirements also matter. At lower levels, you have to wager your rewards 60 times before you can cash out. At higher levels, this requirement is much lower. Thrill Seeker and Fortune’s Favorite have a 50 times requirement. Gambling Lord only has a 40 times requirement. Lower wagering requirements make it easier to cash out your rewards. 

Note: Gift Box opening doesn’t count toward increasing player level. 

It’s also recommended to play responsibly. Yes, collecting PNC and increasing your player level is fun, but view it as a fun activity that won’t let you go broke. Don’t play just to increase the level — that’s not the point of the privilege system.

Set limits on your deposits, bets, and playing time. Take breaks if you need to. The casino offers tools to help you manage your gaming habits in case you get out of control. You may contact the 24/7 support team through the chat window and ask to suspend your IP address temporarily. 

You may also check out the Responsible Gambling link on the main website at Pin Up (bottom of the page). It contains tips and useful links to associations like Gamblers Anonymous and counseling options.

Summing Up

So, Pincoins offers a fun way to increase your rank and gain nice rewards. You accumulate points for everyday tasks and can exchange them for real money when it suits you.


No, this loyalty program is only for registered players.
No, your accumulated PNC stay in your account; you can exchange them when you want to.
You must first exchange them for real money.